Posted on Jan 28, 2020

Blair Blue Cab, LLC


Lately we've been receiving some very nice compliments from people who come across our ratings while looking for rides from locations out of town, but today I received a disturbing call from someone saying they heard that we advertised that the first ride was free.

That wasn't the disturbing part so much as they started to argue with me while on the car speaker with a car load of children going to school.

So if anyone can find this advertisement can you point us to it? We can barely afford our discounted prices and if the Omaha cab companies are already saying our prices are unfair we need to find out what is behind this call.

Also going forward, until we can afford to hire a dedicated dispatch person, all first time callers will be sent directly to voicemail when our dispatcher is in a vehicle. This will hopefully allow us to screen calls when passengers are in the car.

So if you get a voicemail message, please do not hang up and redial repeatedly. Especially if you might shout something over the phone that you wouldn't want your grandmother or kid sister to over hear.
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